Welcome to Apiary Lit's 30/30 Online Writing Workspace! 

Here you'll find forums for sharing your 30/30 pieces as you go along, as well as promptsinspiration, and more. The (totally optional) Prompts are geared to be creatively applicable to flash prose (fiction or CNF) as well as poetry, and should you produce 30 pieces in 30 days (at whatever pace works for you) you'll be rewarded with a bunch of  new drafts, and gloating rights you can use all year! It’s free to participate.

The rules are simple: be respectful in your interaction, and generous and thoughtful in your critiques, and keep this space and what is shared here confidential. 

Other than that, have fun, invite your friends or make new ones, challenge your friends or frenemies, generate as much new work as you can, and enjoy the camaraderie, excitement, and exhaustion, of this poem-or-prose-a-day marathon!


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  • Step 3: keep coming back and posting your 30/30 progress, snag a prompt, share an exercise or inspiration with a new friend, read each others' work, and GRIND
  • Step 4: drag thyself across that finish line, because...

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    Available courses

    A (free!) workspace and series of forums for sharing 30/30 poem-or-prose-a-day progress, finding daily prompts and inspiration, and more!

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