A (free!) workspace and series of forums for sharing 30/30 poem-or-prose-a-day progress, finding daily prompts and inspiration, and more!

A table with a calendar notebook on it and a vase of pink carnation flowers, with a jar of candy in the background

A workshop space / course on generative revision techniques & intertextualities.

In this 6-week lesson plan we'll look at techniques for revision, and we'll also examine revision as a generative tool -- what new work, or new inquiries, can come forth when we look back at the work before us, or even the notes from our notebooks? What new ideas can spark from combining and re-approaching the text (or non-text!) on and off the page? 

This workshop will be open to writers of all levels, genres, and mediums (including photo-essay & hybrid work, visual/conceptual/digital) who are interested in revision and re-visioning, in generating new work and refining existing pieces, and in discovering and developing sustainable writing practices.

The workshop will emphasize a shared vocabulary and process centered on the communication of narrative which can be applied across genres and mediums.
(Some additional genre-specific material will be provided where possible, but for example, given a more broad exercise or concept of "juxtaposition," fiction-primary participants might also find a way to turn that into a fiction-writing character development application, or whatever their current project calls for.)